The Political Beliefs of Rocks

Are rocks created democratically? How are they affected by global warming? Do rocks settle arguments without resorting to violence? Questions like these have occupied the minds of men and women for centuries, but nobody has worked harder to answer them than B. Neu.

Neu's research was ridiculed in academic circles for decades. Ostracized by fellow researchers, Neu was forced to live and die in seclusion, and all knowledge collected about rock's society was almost forgotten. But especially these days, as we dive deeper and with full force into the Anthropocene, and we see the effects that we have on the environment and living things, it is the work of pioneers like Neu that brings new kinds of understanding that human society sorely needs to thrive. It is due time for society to acknowledge and recognize this research, and to give it the status that it was denied when it first came out.

Neu lived among rocks for many years, took copious field notes, and came back with several rocks, who voluntarily decided to share their knowledge and their lives with humans. It is impossible to present all of Neu's work, and this exhibition barely scratches the surface of rock's society. I invite you to visit it with an open mind, to learn from rocks, from the way they think and from their views on life, society and politics. It is my hope that it will provide a learning experience for curious minds.

- Sebastián Uribe
April 2020, Berlin

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