The Cow Book

I started The Cow Book in January 2022 finished it (or did I?) on May of the same year. It was a creative outlet, an excercise in themes, form and technique using a fixed set of elements (cows, mountains, clouds, trees). It was also an escape outlet from the daily stress of a three month stay in Rotterdam.

- Sebastián Uribe
May 2022, Berlin

The Cows

A selection of cows from the CowBook, in chronological order.

The Book

Cliffy McMansion

Cow, savior of the sunset

Secret / sacred

Cows on the road

Forest walk

No clouds over the
festival of São João

Afternoon in the mountains

The cow-lair

The consequences
of a sunny day

Escape / hide

Beware of the tiny ones

Still a long road ahead

The tragedy of not distinguishing
between small and big cows

Suspirando formas de humo

The house that oil built

Cow pride

Leaving all that behind

Advice for the young at heart


I opened my eyes
and the sky was still there

This ship has sailed...
where to?

Beginnigs as ends
as beginnings

That one looks like a cow!

So long,
and thanks for all the cows