About Me


I'm Sebastián, a human from planet Earth!

My career started in computer science, but I quickly realized that what I really cared about was building a more equal and sustainable world for all humanity. By combining systemic thinking and my experience in education, game design and facilitation, I create participative, playful workshops and activities to discuss complex issues.

I strive to create safe spaces where people can speak, listen and reflect. Only then we can connect with each other, express our needs and desires, and find the support that we need to build a better future for everyone.

Short Bio

Sebastián earned his degree in Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires, and trained as a International Coordinator in Climate Adaptation and Mitigation at the GNE Witzenhausen. In his more than two decades of professional experience, Sebastian launched two companies and worked in multiple roles over several companies, from Prroject Coordinator to Business Director. He lectured and directed the Videogames and Animation Center at the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology, coordinated science communication exhibitions and has led workshops for diverse audience, both online and in person.
Since 2015 he is engaged in climate activism, facilitating and organizing events and talks on the climate crisis.

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